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Click here for a short video of an: Incomplete Explanation of a CD Ladder for savings that get higher interest rates, while protecting your initial investment. A “CD” is financial slang for a Certificate of Deposit. Deposit your money for a set amount of time (6 months, 1 year, 2 years, etc.) and receive a different interest rate, tied to the length of time of deposit.  These returns (how much you make), rates (interest rate percentage per year), and time (months or years) will vary, and most have an early withdraw penalty. So you want to SAVE IT LIKE IT’S SPENT.  Many online credit unions, banks, and financial organizations offering the best rates.

A CD Ladder is when you buy a bunch to create a rotation of funds earning at higher rates, but accessible at different times of the year.  Sooo, it’s more of a CD Wheel?   It’s also a video of my playing around with a ladder and old music CDs on SnapChat…

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This video link might not work, but this one will take you to my IG page, where I have the same video in highlights, websites are hard…

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